What is the minimum storage period you offer?
We have a three month minimum upfront charge, but you are welcome to take out your car whenever you like.


Can I visit your facility before committing to store my car/have any work done with you?
Of course! We pride ourselves in the way we present ourselves to our customers, so we would be more than happy to show you around our facility to discuss your specific requirements prior to storage or any other works carried out. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.


If I store my car with you, can I come and take it out at weekends?
Of course! However, due to our facility not being open on weekends, we would appreciate it if you would let us know by the Wednesday before, so that we can prepare your car in order for you to take it swiftly.


Can I use my own battery conditioner whilst my car is in your storage facility?
Unfortunately, due to fire risks and product testing we do not use battery conditioners that are supplied by customers. However, we supply the best C-TEK battery conditioners to ensure that your cars are kept in pristine condition.


Do you offer motorbike, caravan and trailer storage?
Unfortunately we do not offer caravan storage. However we are happy to store your trailor for you if you have 1 or more cars in storage with us. We also offer motorbike storage but please see our pricing page for further details.


Can you store parts for a future restoration project that I want to undertake with you?
Yes, you are welcome to store your parts with us, but only if you already have the/a car stored with us.


Can I offer my car for Media Car Hire through Lights Cars Action?
Of Course! If you have your car in storage with us, we will professionally photograph your car and feature it on our Media Car Hire page. Please contact us for more information.


Can you offer exercising of non-road legal cars?
Yes, we are situated on private land that we own outright, so we will be able to give some small exercise to any of your non-road legal cars that you decide to store with us.