Collection & Delivery

V ehicleCollection & Delivery LondonWe personally are able carry out any collection & delivery across the UK, however if you need someone to collect your car(s) from overseas we have very close alliances with global shipping companies such as Cars UK and Cosdel.

If you would like to drive your car yourself to our facility then we are able to personally take you to the nearest train station or we can arrange for a taxi to be waiting for you upon arrival. If you should require either of these services, we request that you give us at least 24 hours notice prior.

If your car is in storage with us, you have the freedom to take it out at any time. All we request is that you give us at least 24hrs notice before you come to collect it so we can prepare and have it ready for you.

If you have a requirement for the collection or delivery of your vehicle, then please visit our contact page or call us direct on 01420 47 44 11, and we will discuss your individual needs.

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